ITIL starting point

Do you know what ITIL is? If don’t you can try quick search on the net, or you better read this excellent article from IIA’s IT audit. A digest that will clarify some questions on the topic that all auditors should read, it’s also a good staring point for approaching this IT Framework.

Specially interesting the implementation strategies:

1. Designate an ITIL adoption project owner and develop an implementation team
2. Train employees
3. Establish a Service-level Agreement (SLA) process
4. Evaluate IT needs
5. Perform a gap analysis.

Although it is self-evident that all steps would be mandatory to be successful in the endeavors of implementing ITIL, I’d recommend focusing on the 2nd and 4th items. Without employee empowerment and sound business alignment all the efforts in ITIL implementations would be lost of time and money.

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