Hasta la vista…. Vista.

vistaIt was the industry’s news of the month, Microsoft announced a delay in the release of the new Windows Vista again. And two days later, we have a new man in charge, Steve Snofsky. One may think that these events aren’t related, but it’s hard to believe. The fact is that Microsoft is actually having problems with their brand new OS. Nevertheless, the pending question (Why?) remains unanswered although we’ve some leads. I’d bet that the main problem is related with complexity. Humans do have limits and although there are means to deal with them (such organization, budgeting, planning and project management) they aren’t magic solutions, they are only tools attached to some extend to the same limitations than the acting men using them.

From a economics perspective: It’s true that when a company grows certain scale economies arise, but carrying other diseconomies as well. On the first is greater than the second, it takes place an efficiency gain. I think in this case the Microsoft’s monster has got out of control of their inventors – Monsters have these customs. The should better be rid of this complexity and sacrifice something. Backward compatibility could be abandoned as Apple did with X OS, do not suport old hardware, simplify the product line are options. But they may be unaffordable for Microsoft, because the liabilities attached to their scale diseconomies.

X OS and Linux supporters should be happy they use the newest technology in their computers… for the moment.

Funny stuff: April fool’s jokes… but a joke shows always hidden side of the truth.

StrategIT Tip: Complexity is overlooked topic in many projects. So, try to keep it simply, some times we must give up something but we save the project. We all have limits, even Microsoft.

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