Brazilian IT Metrics

There are not many information (public and free) about specific IT metrics for Brazilian markets. The Getulio Vargas Foundation provides one survey with a sound historical data and methodology. I’ve summarized some interesting information in the report into the following table:

Index 1998 2005 past 16 years past 8 years 1 year
Computer yearly Sales (Millions) 0,4 5 18% 18% 9%
Computers (Millions) 1 23 20% 23% 18%
Std. Computer price(US$ 1.000) 5 0,4 -15% -16% -10%
Annual cost per user (US$ 1.000) 9 8,9 0% -5% -2%
IT Spending / operating profit 1,30% 5,10% 9% 7% 4%
Number of employees/Keyboards 20 1,8 -14% -10% -4%

They are no great metrics but show a spectacular growth of installed computers (18% in a 180Mill population market) and of course a decrease of the cost per user ratio. Other interesting data is that in spite of the increase of computers (keyboards) the ratio of employees / Keyboards the is decreasing but slower than past references. That could mean that the growth of Brazilian economy and employment is taking place in areas that do not require computers (commodities for example).


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